Brillas® is a calcified calcium hydroxyapatite (HaCa) filler, which allows the skin to return to its natural appearance and freshness, effectively filling wrinkles and providing a long-term rejuvenating effect. Hydroxyapatite calcium is a substance naturally present in the human body, and therefore safe to use.

Results of application:

-Simultaneous effect: filling and pulling up the areas of the skin into which the injections were made.

-The second effect: calcium hydroxyapatite stimulates the production of collagen fibers by fibroblast cells present in the area of ​​the skin into which the injection is injected. These fibers give the skin elasticity and effect the filling of wrinkles.


After a few months, the gel containing calcium hydroxyapatite is completely absorbed, while calcium hydroxyapatite is retained in the tissues and continues to promote the production of collagen fibers. Thanks to this process, the skin of the face looks natural, becomes smooth, tightened outlines and a luminous appearance that persist for a long time.

With time, the body naturally decomposes the introduced substance, leaving no dangerous elements behind.


Sites for injection:

● Nasolabial folds

● Filling and raising cheekbones

● Chin Contour Filling and Correction

● Drawing out the contours of the jaw line

● Nose decoration and correction

● Fill deep creases


To whom is the application suitable?

To all who want to eliminate age-related changes and give the face skin a younger, natural and smooth look.

How soon can I see the results of treatment?

The results appear immediately after the procedure.

Are there any side effects in the treatment?

Brillas® is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

After the procedure, temporary reddening and swelling may appear on the skin, which disappear within a few days. There is no information on recorded irreversible side effects.


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